Man Candles

Man Candles

November 23, 2012 Conner Flynn 0

Candles have always been more for the ladies. That’s why they have pleasant scents and pretty colors. Most men don’t care to use candles, but those that do have never had a manly alternative to use. Well, Man Candles are candles just for men. They […]

The Man's Manual

The Man’s Manual

September 20, 2011 James Kelly 1

Even the manliest men sometimes find it hard being a man.  Do you think Clint Eastwood always knew how to grit his teeth and fire a six shooter?  I’m sure Blondie needed a lesson or two somewhere.  Whether you’re built like Terry Crews or McLovin, […]

Flattened Man Bookmark

Flattened Man Bookmark

June 8, 2011 Conner Flynn 0

His name was Mark. Book-mark. I say was, because look at him. He has met an untimely end as he was flattened between some book pages. Mark is now flat. However he can still serve a purpose as a Flattened Man Bookmark, holding your place […]