Optrix Wide-Angle iPhone Sport Case

May 21, 2012 James Kelly 0

GeekAlerts introduced you to the world of Optrix iPhone Sport Cases about a year ago and now they have a new project that is looking for funding on Kickstarter. The Optrix Wide-Angle iPhone Sport Case features a 175 Degree Wide-Angle Lens with a military grade, […]

iPhone Lens Dial

iPhone Lens Dial

December 1, 2011 Marty Shaw 0

Anyone can be a photographer when they have their trusty iPhone with them, no camera needed, but shutterbugs have always had more creative power because of the arsenal of lenses that were available. Now iPhonographers can have the same creative power with the iPhone Lens […]

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Koziol Luke Contact Lens Case

July 4, 2007 Robert Birming 3

The Koziol Luke Contact Lens Case ($13) sure is pleasure for the eye. The binoculars of the small plastic figurine, which is where you keep the lenses, are labeled with different colors to keep you from mixing the left and right lenses up. Size: 3.75 […]