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Transformers MP3 Player

The Soundwave Transformers robot, a high-level Decepticon who is specialized in communications, is now available as an MP3 player. The Transformers Music Label Soundwave ($99) plays the tracks from any microSD card and runs for approximately 6 hours on a single AAA battery. Choose between […]


Moon Shoes

Put on the Moon Shoes, grab yourself a pack of that yummy Astronaut Ice Cream and enjoy the anti-gravity. The strap-on sandals have adjustable bindings to fit up to a USA men’s size 9. Available in two different colors: Moon Shoes – Black ($28) Moon […]

Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife

Giant Swiss Army Knife

Minimalism is out. At least when looking at the Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife—not even the price tag comes close to being minimalistic. This baby is packed with 85 fully functional implements and is said to have over 100 functions. How they managed to get […]