Star Trek Rug

When you need a geek rug for your geek room, in your Star Trek decorated home, look no further than this Star Trek Rug. It displays the Enterprise prominently. This rug measures 39″ x 71″. At last you have the Enterprise in your home. Step […]


Star Trek Away Mission T-Shirt

Star Trek fans can be a picky bunch, with everyone having their favorite series and characters. But the Star Trek Away Mission T-Shirt will satisfy everyone, including those who prefer Star Trek incarnations that didn’t include the Enterprise. Carefully hand-drawn profiles of every main character […]


Star Trek NCC 1701D Mug

Serve up some Earl Grey tea and make it hot in this Star Trek NCC 1701D Mug. This mug features the Enterprise-D schematic all over it. Now when you have your coffee, you can study the ship and know where everything is. This cool mug […]

Spaceship Blinds Millenium Falcon

Spaceship Blinds

You can become the commander of some of the most iconic ships that every existed with Spaceship Blinds, while blocking out the rays of the hot sun at the same time. Maybe the vastness of space won’t be yours to explore, but you’ll still be […]