Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags

If you are cosplaying as Malcolm Reynolds, you need more than just good looks and an accurate outfit. You are going to need these Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags. These Malcolm Reynolds dog tag necklaces are officially-licensed and officially awesome. They have Reynolds’ rank, brigade number, […]


Marvel Heroes Dog Tag Necklaces

Dog tags used to be just for soldiers, but not anymore. Now you can wear dog tags that display your favorite comic book characters. These Marvel Heroes Dog Tag Necklaces show your love for Marvel’s most famous heroes. Wear them proudly and everyone will see […]

USB Dog Tags

USB Dog Tag

This series of cute and colorful USB drives from the Japanese Solid Alliance website are made of silicone and shaped like dog bones. They would actually go quite well together with the Bone Wrist Support. You simply open one end of the bone to gain […]

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Tagz – Animated LED Dog Tag

If the LED Belt Buckle is enough, or wearing a belt just isn’t your thing, there’s always the Tagz ($20) – a customizable scrolling LED dog tag. It is completely programmable to say what you want, with messages being easy and fast to enter using […]