Marvel Zombies Kingpin Mini-Bust

Wilson Fisk has never looked deader than he does as the Marvel Zombies Kingpin Mini-Bust. Most people might view that as an insult but the Kingpin doesn’t mind because he’s a zombie. When the zombie plague invaded the Marvel universe, it struck everyone. The rich, […]

Daredevil Fine Art Statue

Daredevil Fine Art Statue

This Daredevil Fine Art Statue shows the man without fear in an awesome action pose, ready to fight crime and look good on your shelf while doing it. Daredevil stands 10 1/2-inches tall in 1:6 scale and has a gargoyle-accented base that looks like a […]


Daredevil Neon Cover T-Shirt

Two Marvel characters get ready to trade blows in a classic fight on the Daredevil Neon Cover T-Shirt. These days, it could easily be viewed as the small screen versus the big screen as Daredevil takes on Captain America. What could make the first Avenger […]

Marvel Daredevil Premium Format Figure

Daredevil Premium Format Figure

Justice is blind… and so is attorney Matt Murdock, but as the Daredevil Premium Format Figure reveals, the sight-impaired Man without Fear doesn’t let a little thing like that stop him when it comes to cleaning up crime in and around Hell’s Kitchen. This 17-inch-tall figure […]