Giant Microbes Bone Cell (Osteocyte) Plush Toy

Bone Cell Plush

Did you ever wonder what your bone cells might look like up close? Not your bones per se, but the cells that make it up? I mean, we’re all more or less familiar with what a bone looks like, but a bone cell (or osteocyte)? […]

Gourmet Edible Tasty Bones

Gourmet Tasty Bones Dog Treats

First, people came up with a way to share their favorite movie theater snacks and treats with their canine best friends with the Doggy Snack Packs. Now it’s time for some high-class eats and flavors with the Gourmet Edible Tasty Bones Dog Treats.

USB Dog Tags

USB Dog Tag

This series of cute and colorful USB drives from the Japanese Solid Alliance website are made of silicone and shaped like dog bones. They would actually go quite well together with the Bone Wrist Support. You simply open one end of the bone to gain […]

No Picture

Fishbone Ice Tray

The coolest ice tray so far has got to be the Lego one, but this Fishbone Ice Tray ($10) is not too bad either. It’s made of high quality silicon and one tray will give you three four fishbone shaped ice cubes. (Via Nerd Approved)

Bone Calculator

Bone Calculator

A calculator in the shape of a bone? Well, we’ve already seen the Bone Wrist Support and the USB Mouse Calculator, so why not? The Bone Calculator ($20) comes with keys shaped like paws. (Update: Links in this article were removed because the pages no […]