Sony HMZT1 3D Viewer

Sony HMZT1 Personal 3D Viewer

Video glasses are not new. We’ve covered many video glasses over the years, and even gave away of pair of Vuzix Wrap 310XL Eyewear a few weeks ago. However, technology marches on, and these new Sony HMZT1 Personal 3D Viewers are the best, though most […]

T-Fal ActiFry

T-Fal ActiFry Low-Fat Deep Fryer Multi-Cooker

Really, there is such thing as food that’s low-fat and deep-fried? If you’re a big fan of all things ‘frites’ then this may be something you’ll want for Christmas: introducing the T-Fal ActiFry Low-Fat Deep Fryer Multi-Cooker. T-Fal ActiFry Low-Fat Deep Fryer Multi-Cooker 2.2 -pound-capacity electric low-fat multi-cooker with […]