Star Wars Zam Wesell 1:6 Scale Statue

Star Wars Zam Wesell 1-6 Scale Statue

She wasn’t around long enough to become as popular as Jango or his son/clone Boba, but the Star Wars Zam Wesell 1:6 Scale Statue lets you collect the bounty on one of the more interesting characters to come out of the trilogy that gave us Jar-Jar Binks.

No, the creation of Jar-Jar can never be forgiven. NEVER! But shape-shifting bounty hunter Zam Wesell comes close. Of course, she would’ve come a lot closer if Jango hadn’t killed her to make sure she didn’t spill any confidential info to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Approximately 8-inches-tall, the statue features Zam holding her sniper rifle and container of Kouhun Worms, as well as two interchangeable portraits (one humanoid and one Clawdite).

The Star Wars Zam Wesell 1:6 Scale Statue will be available March 2016 but it can be pre-ordered now for $269.99 at Entertainment Earth.

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