Single Sentence Film Summary T-Shirts

Single Sentence Film Summary T-Shirts - Star Wars

Want to share your favorite movies but don’t know how to explain it without writing a 10-page report? Let the Single Sentence Film Summary T-Shirts do the work for you.

With simple designs consisting of a single sentence, the release date, and the movie’s rating, these shirts are wearable examples of brevity, and a perfect way to discover other fans of these films because only fans will be able to unlock the movie hidden within these seemingly vague sentences.

Would anyone at all know the name Marty McFly if Back to the Future was described as ‘a teenage skater takes a crackpot’s DeLorean back to 1955, where he fends off his lustful mom?’ Probably not, but it, like the other descriptions, is accurate.

Brevity is an art form and you can now wear that art on your chest.

The Single Sentence Film Summary T-Shirts are available for $28 each at Stereotype Design’s store. Choose from Star Wars, War Games, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and many more in the store’s gallery.

(via Fashionably Geek)

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