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Regular readers of PC Magazine may know that WebWatcher was ranked the #1 monitoring software in 2011. There are all sorts of reasons geeks might require a keylogger and remote monitoring system that range from the personal to the professional. WebWatcher provides web filtering, employee monitoring, lap top recovery, and data loss prevention services for businesses as well as WebWatcher services for the consumer.

Go to to learn how you can monitor a computer from anywhere, record e-mails and instant messages, log keystrokes, monitor and block websites, filter content, take screen shots, or see website searches. Secretly monitor and control all sent and received e-mail, internet usage, typing, Facebook activity, Word and Excel applications, and any other applications used. You just download and install Web Watcher onto your target PC, and it will record everything that happens on the monitored computer before sending all monitored activity to your online account. You can then remotely view all recorded data and administer computer access via your online account. You’ll be able to see both sides of the conversation of every instant message or chat and limit access to what software programs can be used by blocking programs or setting a schedule for use. You can even be notified when “alert” words you choose are used in any communication.

WebWatcher has received numerous accolades for its quality computer monitoring services, not just from PC Magazine, but also from, Top10Reviews, Well Researched Reviews, and Monitoring Software Reviews. You can monitor a single home computer or up to thousands of computers. Whether you need to ensure productivity at work or protect your children and family, the services from this innovative website will help.