While we would do anything for our pets, overpaying for their food, toys, and supplies shouldn’t be one of them. Use Petsmart coupons, promo codes, online discounts, and special sale deals to get cheap prices at Petsmart.com. Why pay more when a Petsmart coupon can help you save money?

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Pet owners often project their personalities onto their pets. Being a geek is an important part of your identity, and you’ve probably conveyed some of that to your pets. Maybe you started with a great name for your cat, dog, hamster, turtle, rabbit, fish, or bird. But you can do more. Just as you stock up on high-tech gadgets for yourself, you can click on over to www.petsmart.com to furnish your pet with all the gear he or she needs.

PetSmart makes it possible to be smart about your favorite pet, while PetsMart provides a shopping mart for all your pets’ supplies. (Gotta love the geeky double-pun in the store’s name don’t you? They used to emphasize the “mart,” but now they focus on the “smart.” Genius.) And you would be smart to shop at PetSmart.com because they have great savings on pet supplies. They have some pretty cool deals on live animals, too, but you’re probably not going to want to order those on the Internet and have them shipped. You’ll have to go into one of PetSmart’s more-than-a-thousand local stores for that. If you do want to buy a live pet, however, you can research which one would be best for you, find out how much it costs, and arrange for in-store pick-up right from the PetSmart website.

At PetSmart.com, you’ll get attractive discounts on dog supplies such as dry pet food, canned pet food, crates, exercise pens, plastic kennels, T-shirts, tank tops, plush toys, chew toys, toss and retrieve toys, dog shampoo, skin and coat care, and pet vitamins and supplements. They even carry the Martha Stewart Pets line of beds, collars, leashes, harnesses, bowls, and feeders. You’ll appreciate high-tech gadgets such as electronic and wireless fencing, receiver collars, and remote trainers from Innotek, PetSafe, and SPORTdog.

Lots of geeks prefer cats because, while dogs come when they’re called, cat’s are cool – they take a message and get back to you. This online pet store carries plenty of cat supplies, including litter boxes, odor control, liners, scoops, mats, scratching posts and towers, automatic feeders and waterers, eye and ear care, first aid and medication, and clumping and non-clumping litter. For your fish they stock tons of technology: fish aquariums, fish filters, bulbs, strip lights, pumps, powerheads, and canisters. They’ve got lower tech stuff too, including artificial plants, decorative stones and gems for your fish bowl, fish aquarium furniture, and, of course, fish food. For birds they supply cages, pellet food, seed mixture, natural bird treats, perches, ladders, hideaways and nesting material, and bird toys. Have a snake? Pet Smart sells reptile supplies too from reptile substrate to habitat décor. They also have a special sections for small pet supplies that will help you outfit your guinea pig, mouse, rat, hamster, or chinchilla.