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We geeks love observing the evolution of technology, which improves every avenue of life, from professional labors to at-home efforts. Technology doesn’t just make work easier; it makes play better. It enhances the beautiful and fun things in life, like music. While technology improves the sound, quality, and diversity of musical instruments, it also gives us the power to instantly access and conveniently purchase every product a musician can desire. You need only log on to www.musciansfriend.com to discover a wide-ranging music-related inventory.

Musician’s Friend carries instruments ranging from guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards to band and orchestra instruments. They also carry music accessories such as amps, effects, recording devices, DJ equipment, lighting, books about music, sheet music, and music videos and DVDs. Save big on the small musical necessities too: bass and guitar strings and picks, instrument cables, audio/RCA cables, microphone/XLR cables, instrument cases and bags, clips and clamps, shock mounts, pop filters, tuners and metronomes, headphones, gaffers and stage tape, tuners, hearing protection, straps and strap locks, slides, and stands for guitars, mics, mixers, monitors, speakers, and music.

Like many a geek’s business, Musician’s Friend started in the owner’s garage. It was founded in 1983 by Robert and DeAnna Eastman, but today it’s the largest direct marketer of music gear in the world. The company’s website gives music players access to a vast inventory of musical equipment and accessories, but that’s not all it offers. Techies will appreciate the resources of MusiciansFriend, including in-depth buying guides, tech tips, and gear evaluations by hands-on reviewers. If you don’t trust the professionals, there’s hundreds of thousands of product reviews and ratings by customers as well.

MusiciansFriend.com offers clearance items, rebate items, and great deals on top sellers. They carry respectable brands in music from Acoustic to Zildgian. Find acoustic, electric, 6-string, 12-string, left-handed, extended-range, mini, travel, acoustic-electric, solid body, semi-hollow, and hollow guitars from Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Martin, Jackson, Ernie Ball, Yamaha, and Schecter. Featured brands in drums include Mapex, Ludwig, Latin Percussion, Gretsch Drums, Sabian, Vic Firth, and Meinl. In the Marching Band department, choose from Mapex, Pro-mark, Musser, Dynasty, and Evans.

DJs will discover hot products from American Audio, Cortex, Oddyssey, Venue, Pioneer, and Gem Sound. Recording and sound guys can shop headphones, microphones, mixers, recording and mastering software, audio interfaces, computer mixture packages, CD and DVD recorders, portable and field recorders, and multi-track recorders from Tascam, Universal Audio, Sony, M-Audio, Fostex, Apogee, and other respected manufacturers. Bring your music to life with top-rated amps and effects brands such as DigiTech, Vox, Engl, Dunlop, Tech 21, and Vodoo Lab.

Whatever your musical inclination or talent, at MusciansFriend.com, you’ll find the technology you need to take it to the next level.