The Medifast diet plan is a fast, safe, and effective way to lose weight, and if you use a Medifast coupon code, discount promotion, or special offer, the costs are quite reasonable. Although it is hard to put a price on good health and easy weight control, why pay more when you can use a Medifast discount code, coupon promo, or discount deal to save on the cost.

Medifast Coupons

Medifast DietMedifast Coupons

Because we geeks get so much screen time, it’s important for us to find ways to stay healthy. Medifast makes it easy to choose health. You can use the tool you love best – the computer – to sign up for the Medifast meal plan, order Medifast products, and monitor your progress with an online meal planner, a weight loss tracker, and community forums where you can receive encouragement and advice. Whether your goal is to lose weight, burn calories, increase your antioxidant intake, improve your sleep, or enhance your digestive or heart health, Medifast’s nutritional plan can help you.

Medifast, Inc. was founded in 1980 and is now based in Maryland. The company produces and sells weight management and disease management products, including its popular Medifast weight-loss program. Medifast designed its 5 in 1 plan to help people lose weight quickly and therefore improve their health. It’s a simple-to-follow, portion-controlled plan with clinically proven nutrition that makes you feel fuller than most diets. Thousands of doctors have prescribed the program to their patients. The weight-loss plan includes five Medifast meals a day (so you can eat regularly and feel less hungry) plus one “lean and green” meal consisting of non-starchy vegetables and a lean protein.

You can order meals in discounted weight-loss packages tailored especially for men, women, and/or diabetics. Or you can order individual health shakes and other specially formulated nutrition products. Their diet program makes eating well fun and delicious with nutrition-packed malts, bars, brownies, pudding, oatmeal, soups, drinks, pancakes, and scrambled eggs. Who knew you could eat pretzels and cheese puffs and lose weight? This weight loss company even boasts a special line of shakes for women that are packed with black cohosh, echinacea, and chaste tree berry to help reduce the symptoms of menopause. Or tailor your plan by selecting the Super Omega-3 package to enjoy the health benefits of Omega-3 vitamins. Medifast also has a great gadget that makes quickly mixing Medifast meals easy and fun – the HealthMate Blender.

Savvy consumers like to know that there is solid science behind the products and services they choose. Thus they’ll be glad to know that in 2008, Medifast formed its Scientific Advisory Board to routinely review the effectiveness, nutritional benefits, and safety of the Medifast plan and to continue incorporating cutting-edge clinical resources as needed. It’s probably moves like this that, in 2010, helped them earn the #1 spot on Forbes Magazine’s list of Best Small Companies in America. Although you can get the product and support you need for your plan online at, (note that it is and not this weight loss diet company also maintains weight-control centers in Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and California.