Lightinthebox coupons and promo codes can be used for extra savings on your order. With free shipping and cheap prices, some question if there is a Lightinthebox scam or is it legit. It is a real site and the prices are so low because they ship direct from China. While the cheap prices are great, the downsides of Light in the Box are long shipping times and knock-off products of sometime poor quality. However, they are a top place for cheap gadgets and other low cost products.

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As techies know, one of the great virtues of the Internet is that it has made it possible to shop globally. Light in the Box’s slogan is “one world, one price,” because the website brings low, wholesale Chinese products to consumers around the world. They accept a wide variety of currencies including U.S. dollars and ship wholesale electronics and other products across the globe.

At, you can shop for everything from wedding dresses to faucets. Find formal and casual clothing and shoes, beauty products (such as makeup, wigs, and tattoos), wall art, bathroom faucets and shower heads, and lighting. Shop for discounted cell phones and cell phone accessories, or click on electronics for a wide variety of products. Light in the Box sells computers, security systems, cameras, camcorders, and numerous electronic gadgets. Music lovers can purchase MP3 and media players as well as stereos. Browse an inexpensive selection of home video and theatre systems, video games, home appliances, and batteries. Whether you’re looking for iPod accessories or an Android tablet ePad, you’ll find it in Light in the Box’s electronics department.

They also boast a car technology section that retails an array of car electronics including car DVD players, car GPS systems, car PCs, car alarms and security systems, audio equipment for your vehicle, car care products, car monitors, vehicle accessories, lights, and car replacement parts. Click on gadgets for all the gear geeks love: iPad accessories, computer gadgets, Wii controllers, LED lights, solar powered gadgets, and much more. Get cool gadgets such as LED watches, laser pens, and USB coffee cup warmers. Find the unusual, the strange, and the one-of-a-kind, from the environmentally-friendly staple-less stapler to the 7-color changing home deco glowing milk cup table floor lamp. Save up to 60% in the computer section, where you can shop for speakers, memory cards, flash drives, USB gadgets, card readers, webcams, networking equipment, and USB hubs and equipment. Get great deals on tablet accessories, hardware parts, skype phones, Bluetooth and lrDA, and mice and keyboards. Don’t forget to check out the weekly specials.