It is often important to have access to things on your computer even when you are far away from it. Fortunately, GoTo MyPC is the easy solution to have remote access to a PC or Mac. With our listings of GoToMyPC promo codes, free trial downloads, and special deals, you can either save money or try Go To My PC for free.

GoToMyPC Promo Codes

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Techies wouldn’t be caught dead without a computer, but you can’t lug all your computers with you everywhere you go. That’s why remote access is so important. GoToMyPC lets you safely access your Mac or PC from any internet connected computer anywhere, including your iPad. You can give the service a free trial run for a full 30 days before deciding whether or not this remote computer service is right for you.

Once you’ve established your subscription or trial, you can log onto from any browser for fast, easy, secure, and remote access to your Mac or PC. That means you can work on your office computer from home, travel anywhere and work remotely, and have 24/7 access to your files, programs, and email. GoToMyPC has a plan for every budget and need. Whether you’re a single user with one or more computers to access, an administrator with 2-50 users, or one of multiple administrators with more than ten users, GoToMyPC has a plan for you. The basic program lets you, as a single user, access up to 20 computers with complete end-to-end encryption, conduct file transfers between computers, print remotely, invite a guest to view your computer, obtain individual usage reports, and get keyboard locking and screen blanking, all with 24/7 technical support.

If you’re a Central Administrator, with the Pro Plan you’ll be able to add, remove, suspend or switch users easily, monitor employees’ computer usage in real time, generate regular usage reports (by the day, week, or month), conduct online administration of the account and users, and enjoy central billing for all GoToMyPC users.  If you’re looking for advanced administration control and reporting for multiple users, you can also get additional features such as the ability to control and enforce security settings and manage groups and subgroups.