Traveling is time consuming, tiring, and expensive, which is why more and more people are using Go To Meeting for easy web conferencing and online collaboration. Use these listing of GoToMeeting free trial downloads and GoToMeeting promotional codes so you can start working with anyone, anywhere without the time and expensive of travel.

GoToMeeting Promo Codes

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Geeks appreciate the way technology has revolutionized everyday life by making once time-consuming and difficult tasks easier and more efficient. Take, for instance, the meeting. In the past, meetings typically required travel, but today web conferencing has made it possible to work or meet with anyone from anywhere. And at, techies can find online web conferencing and meeting tools with 24/7 support. Start with a 30-Day free GoToMeeting trial to see if the web conferencing service is right for you.

GoToMeeting makes it possible to host an online meeting with up to 15 different people from your Mac, PC, iPad, or even iPhone. The plan includes unlimited meetings for one flat rate and allows you to save with integrated audio conferencing. Also enjoy integrated scheduling with Microsoft Outlook. GoToMeeting has multiple data centers throughout the world so that it can efficiently host billions of minutes of port connectivity a year. Their secure web conferencing tools are designed to be reliable, efficient, and safe with built-in security measures including an SSL-encrypted website, end-to-end 128 bit AES encryption, strong passwords, and an automatic inactivity time out. Their business web conferencing solutions also allow for multi-user accounts.

Internet conferencing allows you to boost employee productivity by integrating online meetings into your regular in-person meetings, completing projects more efficiently with the aid of online review sessions, and remotely collaborating with colleagues. It can also help you to increase sales: imagine turning a sales call into an online demo, reviewing sales agreements online, or qualifying prospects using online presentations.  With web conferencing, you can save by consulting from anywhere, reducing training costs, and providing online support.

The website also offers GoToWebinar, which allows you to conduct internet seminars with up to 1,000 people. Set up a webinar in mere minutes that will enable you to generate qualified marketing leads or present to scores of people using a Mac or PC. Finally, at, you’ll also discover online training software that makes it easy for you to provide training via the Web. GoToTraining enables you to increase your revenue by charging for training and to make tests and other training materials available online. Techies and non-techies alike can easily set up training sessions without IT support.