With a Carbonite offer code, you can get a cheap price or a free trial on one of the best computer backup systems out there. Whether you want to compare Carbonite vs Mozy, or just want a deal on an online backup solution that will protect your personal or business files, it is wise to check into Carbonite.com.

Carbonite Offer Codes

Carbonite.comCarbonite Offer Codes

It seems no greater tragedy could befall a geek than the loss of a computer hard drive. Your life is on your computer — memories in the form of videos and photos, music, data, financial spreadsheets, games, and text documents. Just as you would buy life insurance to protect your family, so too can you insure the content of your hard drive so that you can afford to live on after the death of your computer. Carbonite provides cautious customers with unlimited online backup of all computer files for one low price.

Carbonite makes it possible to back it up so you can get it back. They offer complete, automatic, unlimited online backup, secure file transmission and storage, simple file recovery, and access to your files from anywhere.  This remote access feature allows you to securely access and download your files to any computer with a web connection.

Carbonite’s online backup service is available to users of both MACs and PCs. Just as a carbonite was used to freeze Han Solo in the Empire Strikes Back so that he could be revived later, so too can it be used to preserve the content of your  hard drive should you ever need it in the future. Carbonite was the first backup service to offer a single, fixed price rather than charging by the gigabyte. Over the years, it’s received accolades from geek sources as varied as Lifehacker (which called it the “best windows back up tool”), NextAdvisor (which named it an “editor’s choice”), and PC Pro (which dubbed it a “Labs Winner.”)

You can easily subscribe to this reputable hard drive backup service by visiting www.carbonite.com. The service works by installing a client software program on your computer. This program will automatically detect new and altered files and back them up incrementally. Your files will be compressed and encrypted to ensure their security.

Though Carbonite.com debuted at Staples in 2006 as a product for backing up photos, it has now expanded to protect all user-generated content. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to plunge your hard drive into carbonite, you can give it a trial run for free before committing to subscribe to the service. You can then decide to subscribe for one, two, or three years. The longer your subscription term to carbonite.com, the more money you will save each year.  We all know that hard drives crash, that laptops get stolen and lost, that viruses kill, and that fires destroy. But you can ensure that the soul of your computer survives any such calamity with Carbonite online backup.