Porcelain Egg Planter and Wheatgrass Kit

Porcelain Egg Planters and Wheat Grass Kit

Now that the sun is getting stronger, it’s time to start thinking of growing plants again instead of growing extra layers of body fat and fur. Welcome Spring this year by growing your own wheat grass using the Porcelain Egg Planter and Wheat Grass Kit.

A couple years ago, we showed you cute little herbs growing from Egglings – Plants in an Eggshell. Well, consider this new egg planter the Eggling’s long-lost cousin who’s into the goodness of wheatgrass.

Egg Planters and Wheat Grass Kit

These porcelain wheat grass planters are great for place settings, home & office table top decor, & wedding favors. Wheatgrass is both decorative & nutritional.
Great for table decorations for weddings, baby showers or dinner parties. Create little toothpick signs and use the wheatgrass egg to hold your name place cards!
Your kit will include the following:

  • 2 porcelain egg shells approximately the size of real chicken eggs
  • (2) .2 ounce packets of organic wheatgrass seed (fit for human consumption)
  • growing directions

Just think; if you start cultivating your plants now you could very well have a lovely display of spiky wheatgrass by the time Easter gets here. For brunch you could use these little Egg Sprouts to hold place cards for your guests, winning you major Martha Stewart points.

Later on, when you feel like experimenting with other plants, you can harvest your wheat grass to fortify your smoothies like they do at the juice bar. Then your egg shells will be ready to house other seedlings, herbs or flowers.

The 2-pack Porcelain Egg Planter and Wheatgrass Kit is $17 on Etsy.com.  But if that’s not enough, there’s also a half dozen kit that comes in a cardboard egg carton for $26. Shipment is in the US only.

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