AversiveTech Nanodots Review

AversiveTech Nanodots

Nanodots are cool building toys that resemble magnetic beads. Recently we were lucky enough to get our hands on a set of new AversiveTech Nanodots sent to us from Nanodots for review. They look the same, but have a super bitter coating on them as a new safety feature…They dared me to taste them and they taste like something that quickly finds its way out of your mouth.

Their new packaging assembles to form a canister. It keeps your dots safe and out of reach of anyone not old enough to be playing with them yet (Nanodots are 14+ btw). The sky is the limit here; you can create all kinds of great geometric shapes and structures. You are only limited by your imagination…and since creativity is found in people of all ages, the added safety features are a big plus.

Once out of the packaging, the first thing you notice is how lovely they are. We all like shiny toys and these things are beautiful. They come in several color options. Of course, because these are small balls, this isn’t a toy for young children. Being little magnets, each ball has a positive and negative side and you join pieces together to build whatever you want.


The images here are not my own creations, because as cool as these things are, I had trouble manipulating them and building objects. This isn’t the fault of the Nanodots. I’ve seen tons of videos of people making awesome things. It’s my fault. Apparently I don’t have the gentle touch required to create with these balls. No matter what I tried to build, I ended up crushing it out of shape.


I did have some limited success by building tiny geometric shapes and then adding them to each other, but I never got anything completed. Despite my failures, this is a fun building toy. There’s something very satisfying about joining the magnets together and feeling them click into place. One word of warning however, the shiny coating (at least on my set) starts to flake off after you play with them for a while.

I would recommend these for anyone who likes building toys, just as long as you have a gentler hand than I have. They are a lot of fun just to play with in your hands. If you’re interested in learning how to build or to see what other people are up to check out Dotpedia.com and learn more about Nanodots at their website.


  1. At least their doing something about the ban instead 1) pissing off the government more and 2) selling their stuff off like a bunch of apes.

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