MyID Band

MyID Band

Technology is pretty cool. Technology that can save your life is even better. MyID Band might look like an ordinary sleek and stylish bracelet but this is one fashion accessory that could actually help keep you alive.

Those old-style medical bracelets that some people still wear are a lot better than nothing but you can only put so much info on a little piece of metal, and even a phone number to call is only useful if someone on the other end picks up.

MyID takes the basic idea of that bracelet and adds the power of technology, with a simple QR code unlocking contact information and important medical information, like whether you’re diabetic or have a heart condition.

MyID Band


  • Personal Identification Bracelet
  • Complete online medical profile
  • Rapid QR code access
  • Fully adjustable fit
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Unique health ID slider
  • Wallet Card
  • Stickers for car and home
  • Lifetime subscription to Basic Online Health Profile
  • 1 year subscription to Premium Online Health Profile included free
  • Premium Profile just $9.99 per year after that

As if having the ability to save your life wasn’t enough, the bracelet also lets you be stylish by offering three colors to choose from: White, Black, or Turquoise.

MyID Band Colors

MyID Band is available for $40 at LifeStrength.

(via Red Ferret)


  1. As a paramedic who has seen plenty of emergencies revolving around athletes and people out exercising, I would never, ever, ever, ever, recommend this product to anyone. It is absolutely useless in an emergency. No paramedic ever will use this QR code thing. You are far better off getting a standard ID bracelet from a company like Road ID or one of the many medical ID bracelet companies. This is a garbage gimmick that will likely cost people damage and time in a real emergency.

    • James,
      If the bracelet were so much trash, why would it have the endorsement of Ironman competition, surely one of the most grueling personal sport events? Besides, even without a QR scanner, on the bracelet there is still a toll free number 24/7.

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