iPad USB Flash Drive

iPad USB Flash Drive

I had to do a double take when I saw the iPad USB Flash Drive because first of all, the iPad doesn’t have any USB slots. The Flash Drive isn’t really a USB one, because it hooks up to your Apple tablet wirelessly instead. However, it functions just like a USB flash drive would. It lets you store data files and media content like television shows, too. It’s compatible with SD cards from 8GB and up to 32GB, so it’s definitely not lacking in storage space.

The iPad USB Flash Drive stores enough juice to remain connected to your tablet for up to five hours, which is definitely something.

For the usual flash drives for your PCs and laptops, you can check out 8 GB Cork USB Drive and the Transformers Mimobot Flash Drives.

iPad USB Flash Drive

This is the only USB flash drive that wirelessly streams movies, music, photographs, and documents to an iPad. The size of a pack of gum, it accepts an included 8 GB SD card (supports up to 32 GB SD cards) automatically sharing files wirelessly up to 150′ away, eliminating an iPad’s need to dock with a computer or use e-mail to transfer files.

Providing over five hours of stand-alone operation, it recharges via USB from any computer without the need for software, which also provides a convenient means of file loading and continuous file sharing. Up to six wireless devices can access the flash drive simultaneously using a free downloaded app, including iPhones, Android, and Windows smartphones.

The iPad USB Flash Drive is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $159.95.


  1. This really is not the first USB flash drive for the iPad. Air-Stash by Maxell had this similar device for sale a year ago. It does everything this Hammacher drive does if not more for less money.Only $99 compared to the $159.99. Just Google the Air-Stash or go to the Maxell site.

  2. So will this also work well with an iPad3 ? I notice there’s a WIFI card available now… makes life easier.
    I wonder if Apple will ever incoporate a USB port or opt for their Thunderbolt terminal instead ?

  3. @Hazel Chua: what is the different between “iPad USB Flashdrive” and the others flashdrive for iPad/iPhone/iPod called i-spread or R-Flash?

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