Intelligent iPod Bag from iBlaze

iBlaze Intelligent iPod Bag

iBlaze has custom-made a bag for iPod users, allowing you to turn the player on and off, skip tracks and adjust volume – all whilst your iPod is in the bag.

It showcases a design solution that perfectly integrates technology and textile. With a built-in waterproof silicon control panel, users can conveniently turn on/off, skip tracks and adjust the volume without having to take out the iPod. Cables of the retractable earplugs can be easily rolled back when not in use, making iBlaze’s overall look neat and stylish – just like iPod.

Recognising that iPod users are also technology savvy consumers who often carry their laptop computers with them, iBlaze is compatible with all laptops up to 17″ screen size. The notebook compartment is padded for extra protection and can be removed easily.


  • Waterproof silicon control panel in shoulder strap
  • Integrated retractable earphones in shoulder strap (replaceable)
  • EVA thermal pressed pocket for iPod
  • Removable padded Notebook compartment compatible with up to 17″ PowerBook
  • Spacious main compartment expandable to two A4 ring binders with additional two pockets
  • Two front pockets
  • Extension zipper
  • Waist strap
  • Foamed airflow back for comfort and ventilation Foamed shoulder straps
  • Size : 46x31x23cm; 1kg; Volume for iBlaze unexpanded is 27 litre and expanded 33 litre
  • Colour: Black-gray
  • Ten-years guarantee/electronics one-year guarantee

The Intelligent iPod Bag from iBlaze is yours for £49.99 (about $99 USD).

(Via e-Potpourri)


  1. Too bad this bag is super ugly….. what is the deal with that front bottom pocket?? Are you just asking to get your lunch money stolen?? I have a messenger bag that does the same thing and it is way more stylish that this nerd-sack! It also has an external port for the headphones which is really convenient! I found it at half the price after I shopped around a bit.

  2. Mine is a High Sierra Audible iPod Messenger Bag. It’s pretty neat and basic in design. I’ve used it for carrying tons of books to loading it up with groceries and riding my bike home when the old car broke down. There is a little rubber control on the side that lights-up blue when the ipod is connected and the headphone jack is super easy to plug into.

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