Insectilix Lolly

Insectilix Lolly

If you enjoy dining on strange and exotic foods, then you probably already given the Lion, Python & Crocodile Meat a try, and possible even the Canned Mopane Worms; but what about dessert? That’s where the Insectilix Lolly will come in handy.

These insect infused lollipops come in three varieties (scorpion, worm, ants) with three unique flavors, Vodkalix, Tequilalix and Antilix. The first two flavors should be pretty obvious since we’ve seen Vodka with a Scorpion before and what’s a worm without Tequila? The Antilix is new to us, but peppermint and farm-bred ants sounds like a good enough combination.

Insectilix Lolly

  • The scorpions used are bred in Chinese scorpion farms specifically for human consumption and are heat-treated to remove any toxins – they are completely safe to eat.
  • The worms used are specially bred in the USA for human consumption and are fed on a diet of cereal and fresh greens.
  • The ants are specially farm-bred Polyrachis black ants and taste just divine…
  • Vodkalix = scorpion
  • Tequilalix = worm
  • Antilix = Ants. And peppermint
  • Alcohol-free and sugar-free

If you’re ready to give the Insectilix Lolly a try, or maybe let an friend enemy try it instead, you can purchase them at for $8 each or about $20 for a 3-pack. They are also available at

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