Dixon Crossbow Training Academy Sweatshirt

Dixon Crossbow Training Academy Sweatshirt

Zombies can’t read but this Dixon Crossbow Training Academy Sweatshirt will still be a smart thing to wear when the zombie apocalypse happens.

Fans of The Walking Dead know that nobody uses a crossbow like Daryl Dixon. The guy is so tough that he’ll shoot a walker with an arrow, pull it out of the thing’s skull, and then shoot another walker with the same arrow before it can get close enough to bite him. That’s the kind of skill that could come in handy when the world ends.

Daryl is too busy keeping himself and his friends alive to bother with teaching anyone else how to use a crossbow (except Beth) but you know he’d make a killing if he opened up his own training academy. However, I don’t know what he’d charge since money is nothing but paper in a world overrun by walkers. Food would probably be an acceptable form of payment.

  • These are all handmade, brand new, screen-printed unisex fit sweatshirt.
  • These are made on a preshrunk, soft, cotton.
  • Sizes SM – 5XL

You can make everyone think you were trained by the best with the Dixon Crossbow Training Academy Sweatshirt for $20.90 at LaughWear’s Etsy store.

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