World’s Smallest USB Bluetooth Dongle?

World's Smallest USB Bluetooth Dongle?

No one seems to know if this USB 2.0 compliant Bluetooth dongle from USB Fever really is the world’s smallest one, but it sure is tiny.


  • Bluetooth 2.0 compliant
  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • Plug-n-Play
  • LED Indicator when Plugged
  • Supports Bluetooth voice (A2DP) / data
  • Enables wireless Personal Area Network (PAN)
  • Connecting to your Cell phone, PDAs or PC for data transfer, networking or even dial up, fax…
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Vista

The World’s Slimmest USB Bluetooth Dongle is yours for $14.99.

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22 Responses to “World’s Smallest USB Bluetooth Dongle?”

  1. These things are great! I have 4 of them, one in every PC 🙂

    you can pick them up for <$3 US at DX as well…

  2. I have one of those but need the driver for it, im using vista 64-bit. and motorola h500 headset, thanks

  3. I’ve seen ones at best buy that mount flush inside a usb port, so this certainly isn’t the smallest.

  4. I have purchase this usb blutoth dongle to connect my mobile to computer but it is disconnecting again n again, can any one tell me why it is happenings.

  5. Any had a chance to play with the now new “Worlds Smallest Bluetooth Dongle” seen one on

  6. i want to bulsmallest bluetooth bluetooth 2.0compliant can u send how i can buy this item send information to my email id

  7. where is it’s driver or software. mine don’t seem to work on vista and xp.

  8. Where can i find the software for this dongle. Mine don’t seem to work on vista or xp.

  9. i have it and it’s really small 🙂

  10. I bought this device but isn’t working. I am unable to transfer data from my PC to my bluetooth phone. Do I need application software?

  11. I bought this device but isn’t working properly. It is disconnecting consequently.

  12. please give me download driver link in windows 7
    please please

  13. realy, it’s not working with xp? what do i have to do ??????????

  14. Can i us this usb to mac osx?

  15. Can work with nokia 6600, and need driver? If yes where to find?

  16. I have a tiny buletooth dongle which is also driverless for windows xp/vista/7 for my desktop PC with windows XP. Unable to connect to a laptop which has wifi. please suggest.

  17. Seems the geeks have left the building – those that know anything about bluetooth problems anyway! Nice. I have one of these as well, and can connect for really short periods, but when I try to transfer a file from my phone to the computer, it says to “turn your bluetooth device on”. I can’t seem to find anywhere where this should be switched on. It’s plugged in, and the device status says that “this device is working properly”. I’m almost ready to go out and buy another one, of a different type,
    just out of sheer frustration. Tried downloading the broadcom – Widcomm software, but it also says that I need to plug the device in or turn it on. It’s plugged in, but it’s not playing.

  18. Oh, I’m running MS Windoze 7, 32 bit, on a Pavilion dv6 laptop.

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