Windshield Wiper Mirror

Windscreen Wiper Mirror

The Spanish designer studio Causas Externas has come up with this fun idea to easily wipe the bathroom mirror free from vapor after a long hot shower.

The Windshield Wiper Mirror is available in two sizes; simple 500mm x 450mm and the double 700mm x 500mm – both with a chromed windshield wiper.

(Via Designspotter)

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Robert Birming

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4 Responses to “Windshield Wiper Mirror”

  1. That is a typical artist. Just go rip it off your friends hyundai and use that.

  2. Yes! Very, very cool! I love it!

  3. Nice little solution to that age old problem. Who would have thunk it, a windshield wiper for your bathroom mirror.

  4. but why not buy the bathroom mirror which its steam free already, there are loads on the market.

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