UV Monkey – Mini UV Ray Detector

UV Monkey

The UV monkey is a handy mini UV ray detector – small enough to hang on a keychain.

Just expose it to sunlight and it’ll tell you how strong the devious rays are at that precise moment, taking just a few seconds to give you a simple read-out on its cute purple scale. Each part of the scale corresponds to the UV warning scales used in national forecasts too, so you’ll know precisely when to pop your hankie on your noggin and roll down your trousers.

The UV Monkey is available from the Firebox.com website for £3.95 (about $6 USD).

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2 Responses to “UV Monkey – Mini UV Ray Detector”

  1. Christen da Costa Reply May 14, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    The product pages fails to explain how it works…weak.

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