USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock

If you were around in the 1970’s then you probably remember the pet rock phenomenon that swept the nation. Everybody who was anybody had one of these classic achievements of the marketing world, and the USB Pet Rock is the modern and updated version of that easy-to-care-for pet.

The USB Pet Rock is the perfect thing for anyone who cares about the environment because it doesn’t waste electricity; mainly because it doesn’t use electricity. Why doesn’t this awesome product of USB technology require any power? Because it does absolutely nothing… which is the total beauty of it.

Just plug your rock into the USB port of your computer and watch it sit there. There’s no need to worry about compatibility because it can be used with Mac, Windows or Linux. Why? Because it doesn’t do anything.

USB Pet Rock

The great thing about having something that does nothing is the complete and total freedom you experience when people ask about your new little buddy. They’ll see it’s plugged into your computer and naturally wonder what it does. You can tell them it’s taking a nap, keeping that spot on the desk warm, or digesting the last person who came along and asked that question.

Who cares if you missed (or don’t remember) the 70’s? Get the USB Pet Rock for $9.99 from ThinkGeek and be a pioneer with the new phenomenon. It is also for sale for £9.99 at

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