USB Light Show Stick

USB 32-LED Light Show Stick

This LED stick lets you display messages in the air. Simple create any message you like on your computer, sync the stick via USB, and start waving.

Customize your messages like “I Love U”, “Sorry!”, or images in JPG/BMP format, install them in the 32-LED Light Show Stick via usb cable. Wave the Light Show stick horizontally, then your message/image will be created in the air by a strip of red LED. Approximate 85 characters can be stored.

USB 32-LED Light Show Stick


  • Built-in 32-LED
  • Support BMP and JPG banner creation – max. 128 x 32 pixels size
  • 3 Scrolling effects: Marquee, Slider and Top Down
  • Text and banner can be uploaded to the Light Show stick by USB interface
  • Blue back light feature with 3 flashing method
  • Built-in 4096 Bytes memory size – store around 85 Characters
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries
  • Suport Windows XP, 2000 and Vista
  • Dimension: 295 x 36 x 18mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 98g

The USB 32-LED Light Show Stick ($22) is available from USB Brando.

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3 Responses to “USB Light Show Stick”

  1. Hello I have one of this glow sticks but i do not know how to customize the text. Do I need an application and or driver installed on my computer? Where can I download it? Thanks.

  2. This is a very cool product, but don’t buy one! The included CD does not include drivers and won’t install the software needed to run it. You can download the software from the Brando website product page, but it doesn’t include the drivers either. Brando hasn’t responded to my requests, either.

    So basically it’s useless to me, except to display Chinese characters that I can’t understand.

  3. I just received mine from Brando last night. It came with software, and though written in poor English, the directions are easy to follow I was customizing messages within a few minutes.

    This is a very cool toy.

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