Tron Light Cycle USB Flash Drive

Tron Light Cycle USB Flash Drive

A few months ago these Tron Light Cycle USB Flash Drives came out and they were very cool. They were also expensive. They are here again because now you can buy this Tron Light Cycle USB Flash Drive for much cheaper than before.

Tron Legacy fans will want this 4GB USB flash drive that is a mini replica of Sam Flynn’s Light Cycle. This TRON bike features a blue LED light wheel base and contains bonus content.

Dane-Elec’s USB Flash is Windows and Mac compatible and uses top worldwide NAND flash memory. With a 5 year warranty, Dane-Elec USB Flash drives are the perfect any time, any place flash memory solution for TRON fans on the go!

The Tron Light Cycle USB Flash Drive is on sale for $11.99 with free shipping at

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  1. They’re cheap now because they look naff! – and they’re bulky and clumsy to use. if you’re going to commission a custom USB flash drive at least do it in a shape that’s useful, portable and will get used for more than 5 minutes.

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