Top Trumps: Death Star Collectors Tin

Star Wars Top Trumps Death Star Collectors Tin

The Death Star has been the inspiration for many cool designs, with my favorite being the Death Star Cookie Jar. Now you can get some very cool exclusive new super cards for a Star Wars card game and a cool Death Star inspired case to store them in with Top Trumps: Death Star Collectors Tin.

OK. I’ll admit that I don’t collect/play Top Trumps card games. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting this just to have the cool Death Star Collectors Tin.

Top Trumps: Death Star Collectors Tin

A very special presentation case for some very special Top Trumps cards! Open the metal Death Star and find two packs and four exclusive supercards featuring all the characters from the movie saga, but also six very special Super Top Trumps cards never available before!

Pre-order the Top Trumps Death Star Collectors Tin for £13.50 from It is expected to ship in July 2012.

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  1. speaking of the death star cookie jar, anyone know if the Star Wars shop is planning on bringing it back? I’ve emailed/tweeted them to ask, but have never gotten an answer. Seemed they took it down before they ever shipped any.

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