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Classic Vinyl Recycled Record Bookends

Recycled Record Bookends

It’s always cool when something that’s normally being passed off as waste is used to create something totally new, cool, and usable again. Take the Vinyl Numbers Clock, for example. The designer behind it took his old records, carved them up, and was able to [...]

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sound asleep pillows

Sound Asleep Pillow

Do you enjoy falling asleep to the sound of your favorite music?  If so, the Sound Asleep Pillow is perfect for you.  It allows you to enjoy all your personal iPod/MP3 music with the comfort of a soft pillow.  This is perfect when traveling on a long road trip or [...]

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Guitar Center Coupons

Guitar Center Coupons & Discount Code Deals

Current Guitar Center Coupons When you want to save on music gear turn to our Guitar Center Coupon Codes or our Musician’s Friend Coupons. These pages help you find out about discount codes, special promotions, free shipping deals, clearance sales, and other ways [...]

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H2O Surge 2G Sportwrap Waterproof Headphones

H2O Surge Sportwrap Waterproof Headphones

Do you often say that you can’t go through your day without your earphones plugged into your ears 24/7? Then you can make that statement–and mean it, literally–with these H2O Surge Sportwrap Waterproof Headphones. These headphones are 100% [...]

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Beatles Yellow Submarine Ice Cube Tray

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Ice Cube Tray

Beatles fans have something new to cool their drinks this summer. I’m talking about Yellow Submarine ice cubes thanks to The Beatles Yellow Submarine Ice Cube Tray. Do you have the song stuck in your head yet? You will. [...]

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Musicians Friend Coupon Codes

Musicians Friend Coupon Codes & Stupid Deals

Current Musicians Friend Coupon Codes Use Musicians Friend coupon codes to save on all kinds of musical instruments and recording equipment. Our listings also include Musician’s Friend Stupid Deals (essentially their deal of the day) as well as clearance sales and [...]

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iDuck Speaker

iDuck Wireless Speaker

Like listening to music while you’re getting clean but constantly worried that your iPod or iPhone might accidentally join you in the tub? Gotta love electronics but they just can’t seem to get along with good ol’ fashioned H2O. The iDuck Wireless Speaker takes [...]

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i-Jerry Surface Vibration Speaker

i-Jerry Surface Vibration Resonance Speaker

In this modern world, just about everyone has a mouse sitting on their desk, but you can stand out from the pack with the i-Jerry Surface Vibration Resonance Speaker, and you can enjoy some awesome tunes while being your rebel self. [...]

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LP And Cassette To CD Recorder

LP And Cassette To CD Recorder

No, that big black circle-thing in the picture isn’t an old-fashioned CD. Back in the old days, people would listen to music recorded on discs of vinyl called records. I know. Weird, isn’t it? The LP And Cassette To CD Recorder lets you preserve that [...]

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SuperTooth Disco

SuperTooth Disco Bluetooth Speaker

There are some nice Bluetooth speakers to be had by people who really love music, with the Soundfreaq Sound Platform being just one of the great products on the market, but if you’re looking for that deep, rumbling bass sound to drive your tunes along, then the [...]

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Magic Music Gloves

Magic Music Gloves Play Music Anywhere

Play music anywhere with these Magic Music Gloves. If your friends have the electric guitar t-shirts or the synthesizer t-shirt, you can join their band with these music gloves. With these gloves you can play the piano, violin, or guitar anywhere, just by touching [...]

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Jaybird Sportsband Headphones

Jaybird Sportsband Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

While there have been other Bluetooth Headphones in the past, none are as sleek and visually stunning as these Jaybird Sportsband Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. But they aren’t just about incredible modern looks, as they also have great practical technology to [...]

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Electric Guitar Shirt

Electronic Guitar T-shirt

This Electronic Guitar T-shirt is a slight twist on the Electric Guitar T-shirt we’ve blogged about before. It is a real guitar, not a toy that only plays a few pre-recorded riffs. Rather, it is much more like a real guitar in that you can play your favorite songs [...]

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Gas Tank USB Audio Player

Gas Tank USB Speaker with MP3 Player and Radio

This new audio player comes in the shape of a gas tank, available in gold or silver. It features a built-in speaker and an FM radio, and it can play audio files from USB flash drives and from memory cards. [...]

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Vibration Speaker

Vibration Speaker

This pocket-sized audio device will turn just about anything into speaker. Simply connect it to your iPhone, MP3 player, CD player or other music source with a 3.5mm stereo jack and then stick the Vibration Speaker to any surface you like. [...]

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BASF C60 Mug

BASF C60 Cassette Tape Coffee Mug

If you were into music in the 70s, there’s quite a good chance that you have recorded at least one vinyl record onto a cassette tape who’s logo is printed on this mug. [...]

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Perch Speaker Dock

Stylish Bluetooth Speaker Dock

Perch is the name of this beautiful portable speaker that wirelessly connects to your favorite Bluetooth gadgets and also can be used as charger for smartphones. [...]

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Star Wars Lamp

Star Wars Clone Trooper Lamp with MP3 Dock

Fans of the Star Wars saga will soon be able to light up their day with a clone trooper inspired lamp that features a digital clock and an MP3 dock with a stereo speaker. [...]

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Head Massager

Portable Head Massager with Built-In Speakers

If the look of the Futuristic Head Massager is a bit too extreme for you, maybe this new model will suit you better. It also fits quite well with the portable Eye Massager. [...]

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Doodle Speakers

DIY Doodle Speaker

Similar to the Doodle Watch, you can create your very own designs with Doodle. The difference here is that you design your own speaker instead of a watch and you do it using an online editor, where you can upload and customize your artwork, image or design. The result [...]

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