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HEX Axis Wallet for iPhone 5

Hex Axis iPhone 5 Wallet Case

Technology is awesome but it has a downside in making more and more goodies essential for everyday life. The Hex Axis iPhone 5 3-in-1 Wallet Case makes things a little easier by combining an iPhone case with a wallet, allowing you to keep all the essentials in one convenient place. The case provides a [...]

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Yamaha Music Monitor NS-10M USB Flash Drive

Alkota Beats’ Yamaha Music Monitor NS-10M USB Flash Drive will give you the industry standard monitor in your palm, or at least a replica of it. The USB flash drive won’t play any music, but it sure looks like a unique flash drive. The Yamaha Music Monitor NS-10M USB Flash Drive is quite [...]

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Leica M3 16GB USB Flash Drive

There are a lot of different kinds of USB flash drives, and it’s fun and easy to find one that’s quite unique. The Leica M3 USB Flash Drive is based upon the legendary Leica M3 35mm camera, which was introduced in 1954, and combined a rangefinder and viewfinder into a single window. The Leica [...]

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