Star Wars Plush Dolls – Now with Sound

Star Wars Plush

Remember those cool, cute and huggable Star Wars plush dolls from 2007? They have now been updated with a nice and wanted feature: individual sound effects.

These Star Wars Plush come in sizes from 4″ keychain buddies to 15″ huggable friends. The 4″ versions can be clipped to your keys, backback, laptop bag, or even the zipper of your winter coat.

Here’s a demonstration video showing the new dolls in action:

Each plush has a signature sound effect when you squeeze them: R2-D2 with his bleeps and bloops, Chewbacca with a Wookiee growl, Darth Vader’s creepy stalker breathing, and Yoda with his patented advice for young Jedi-to-be.

Star Wars Plush

The Star Wars Plush w/ Sound are available over at ThinkGeek. Price: $8.99 – $39.99.

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  1. Hey !

    I need to find these in europe ’cause 40$ for a delivery in France, it just doubles the price of the doll.

    Anybody got info about that ?

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