Star Wars Joysticks: Darth Vader and Millennium Falcon

Dart Vader Joystick

These two Star Wars-themed joysticks are loaded with games. You simply plug the control into your TV and you’re ready to start playing.

The Darth Vader Joystick ($30) includes five games: Coruscant Attack, Grievous Onslaught, Droid Invasion, Gunship Battle and Utapu Chase.

And the Millennium Falcon Joystick ($15) includes four different games: Assault on Hoth, Red Leader, Battle of Endor and Lightsaber Duel.

Millennium Falcon Joystick

(Millennium Falcon Joystick via TFTS)

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8 Responses to “Star Wars Joysticks: Darth Vader and Millennium Falcon”

  1. hi,

    i happen to own the Jakks Star Wars TV game Dart Vader joystick. It looks neat. and when you switch it on, the SNES like graphics and music really get you going… but then depression strikes. The games simply suck mayor balls and get old really soon. For Example, i’ve played the Utapau chase game for over 32 levels and it seems it is an ‘endless’ game. The levels change at random, and you never actually catch Darth Grievous.

    Buy it for it’s coolness, but do not expect to have quality gametime with it. These games were made to suck.



  2. Aha – that deoesn’t sound good, but I guess thats’s what you can expect from “toys” like this.

    Thanks for sharing, Mark!

  3. very cool

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