Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack Buddy

Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack Buddy

The devil on the back gets a lot of credit for getting people into trouble all the time. But I’d like to think that it’s Darth Vader trying to coax young Jedi to bat for the Dark Side. Now you can literally carry Darth Vader on your back and all your evil excess baggage with the Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack Buddy.

Backpack Buddies are designed to make you look as if you’re giving characters piggyback rides. When you wear the Vader pack, you basically become Vader’s personal vehicle. His black cape flies freely behind you and makes you look dramatic and important whenever you take off… the faster the better.

Star Wars Backpack Buddy Darth Vader

Star Wars Backpack Buddy – Darth Vader

  • Zipper backpack shaped like Darth Vader from Star Wars
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps
  • Backpack Size: 26″ x 10″ x 9″ (66 cm x 25 cm x 23 cm)
  • Made from Polyester Fiber and Polyurethane Foam

Load this pack with all the weapons you need to get through your rigorous day. Just don’t make any wrong moves, because you know what this Sith Lord is capable of and it ain’t pretty.

Get the Star Wars Darth Vader Backpack Buddy for around $40 -$50 at,, and NeatoShop.

Other Backpack Buddies you need to see are the StormtrooperR2-D2Yoda versions. Yoda is my personal favorite because you get to look like Luke Skywalker carrying the Jedi Master around in the swamps in the “Empire Strikes Back.” And this C-3PO Backpack is hysterical.

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