Screw Your Lab Safety T-Shirt

Screw Your Lab Safety T-Shirt

Let everyone know where your priorities lie in the lab with the Screw Your Lab Safety T-Shirt, so potential lab partners will know what they’re in for.

Safety might be the smart way to handle things but it’s also the boring way because every comic book geek knows that nothing creates awesome super powers like a lab accident. Whether it’s a gamma bomb, a radioactive spider, or liquids being splashed on you after being zapped by lightning, lab accidents have a history of bringing us some of the most iconic characters in the DC and Marvel universes.

While an accident in real life probably won’t turn you into the next Flash, Mr. Fantastic, or even an Incredible Hulk, it doesn’t hurt to pretend that super-powered greatness is just one mistake away.

The Screw Your Lab Safety T-Shirt is available for $28 at

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