Beautiful Retro Media Center PC

Retro Media Center PC

Thomas Thomassen created this beautiful retro media center PC for his final project in BA (Hons) modelmaking for design and media at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth.

The making of the model involved a range of various processes. One of the ones I used the most was vacuumforming. It was by this process that most of the parts where created.

Retro Media Center PC

On the Inside

  • VIA Epia 13000 miniITX
  • SilenX CPU fan
  • 1GB RAM
  • 100GB 2.5″ Harddrive
  • Soundgraph iMON Remote Control

Visit Thomas’s website for more photos and info about the Retro Media Center PC.

(Make via Boing Boing and Unplggd)

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20 Responses to “Beautiful Retro Media Center PC”

  1. Reminds me of fallout 3

  2. Oh that’s so nice.

  3. Kinda reminiscent of the 30’s Bakelite radios with a touch of futurist sweet design what a amazing looking machine

  4. I was thinking that it would look great next to the green one of the 50s Style Mecha Robot Models.

    Thanks for stopping by, folks!

  5. Stilish!
    Want it!

  6. They could have at least put DVI on it

  7. noob ass tyrone jackson doesn’t realize one can convert a vga motherboard output to dvi w/ a cheap adapter; like $2

  8. OOOOH that is beautiful! DO WANT!

  9. this is not beautiful at all!!!

  10. What a beautiful peace of hardware. I would like more info on where to order and how much.

  11. wow beautiful retro pc

  12. beautiful pc

  13. Reminds me of the Edsel car. With that color and chrome badge on the side.

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