PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset

PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, the Apple Store is always there with shiny toys to solve your problem. Now today, on April 1st, comes a brand new product that allows you to simulate the Apple Store experience at home, the PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset. This ridiculously fun Playmobil iStore set comes complete with the store, figures, and accessories.

The PLAYMOBIL iStore Playset features a complete 2 story Apple Store complete with Genius Bar, Keynote Theater, software shelves, product demo tables, and kids corner. There are tons of mini figures including Steve Jobs, Apple Store associates, and customers. It is also loaded with over 60 accessories including MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads.

PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Line Pack

The most exciting part of a real Apple Store is when there is a new product launch, and the Playmobil iStore Line Pack allows you to relive the thrill of standing in a long line right at home. It even comes with a Woz mini figure on a tiny Segway.

Awesome Mini Apple Store Tugs at Your Wallet

  • Introduces children to the magic of Apple
  • Includes store, figures, and 60+ accessories
  • Use your own real iPhone 4 as the screen behind Steve Jobs in the Keynote Theater

PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Set

We all know that Apple products are hard to resist, even when they’re expensive, and this set is listed for $179.99. If you’re an April Fool, you can try to order the PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset from ThinkGeek. At least you need to watch the hilarious video.

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