Pencil Salt and Pepper Mills

Pencil Salt and Pepper Mills

Sharpen that salt and erase that pepper! Yes, you heard me right. There’s no mincing of words and they certainly weren’t gibberish–and you’ll totally get what I meant if you had these Pencil Salt and Pepper Mills on your table. Most people will probably be puzzled if they see these on your dining table if you’ve invited them over for a meal. Instead of offering a verbal explanation, just salt and season away with these mills instead.

If the Pencil Salt and Pepper Mills remind you too much of school (and you happened to hate it while you were still a student!), then you might have a bigger blast with the 40mm Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers instead.

Pencil Salt and Pepper Mills

Pencil Salt and Pepper Mills

You may be surprised to find these rather large pencils sitting on a dining table, but they are in fact salt and pepper grinders!
These unique, innovative Pencil Grinders are beautifully designed and extremely useful in the home.
Made of wood and stainless steel, with a rubber paint finish at the top, they are a perfect example of our attention to both form and function.

The Pencil Salt and Pepper Mills are available from Panik Design for £42 ($67.)

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