Palm-Fit Adjustable USB Mini Mouse

Palm-fit Adjustable Optical USB Mouse

Looking for a small mouse to bring a long when traveling, but still not happy with the idea of “one size fits all”? This compact and lightweight optical USB mouse may be right up your alley.

If there is small, medium, large, extra large for shirts, shoes… for different people of built, why there is not a mouse doing the same? This mouse can let you adjust its length to fit for your specific palm’s size!


  • Retractable Ratcheting cable, you can adjust the amout of cable to fit for specific applications. (max. length: 58cm)
  • Ajustable length of mouse to fit for different people’s palm’s size
  • Precise, Using Optical technology
  • Double-Click Button
  • Compact and light weight

The Palm-fit Adjustable Optical USB Mouse ($23) is available from SUB Fever.

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