Pac-Man Chair

Pac-Man Chair

Martin B. Jing, a furniture designer from Cologne, Germany, has come up with the idea for this awesome looking Pac-Man inspired chair.

There are probably quite a few people out there who wouldn’t mind resting their legs in a piece of art like that. One can only hope that it actually will be possible to buy them one of these days.

Pac-Man Chair

(Via Stuart Witts)

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16 Responses to “Pac-Man Chair”

  1. design at its very best
    we see a game (pacman) chair now in real

  2. Can I get yellow cooler plz

  3. I agree, it would be great to have it in yellow.

    I wouldn’t mind a ghost footstool either. 🙂

  4. Some people spend thousands of dollars on new computers, and then buy a cheap chair from their furniture or office supply store, without giving a thought to their ergonomic health.

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