Hello Kitty Vacuum Cleaner

Hello Kitty Vacuum Cleaner

Crazy about Hello Kitty gadgets like the robot, mobile phone, digital camera, and the Swarovski PC? Now you can add a vacuum cleaner to your wishlist.

The Hello Kitty Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner allows you to sweep up 0,5 liters of dust at a 74 dB sound level. It comes with a 5 meter long cord and three different brushes. The price is set to 13,440 yen (about $123 USD).

Hello Kitty Vacuum Cleaner

(Via Gizmodiva)

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4 Responses to “Hello Kitty Vacuum Cleaner”

  1. A space saver..perfect and small enough for apartments of flats that have little room to spare!…and its a whisper vac at 74db my old clunker could make me car alarm go off…

  2. Woo, another product to add to HK world domination.

  3. Yep, HK for president! 🙂

  4. Where can I buy one of these vacuum cleaners?
    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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