Hello Kitty Snuggy Blankets with Sleeves

Hello Kitty Throw Blankets with Sleeves

Everyone loves a good blanket to cuddle up with on chilly nights. You’ve had your chance to wrap your arms around the Superman, Man of Steel Fleece Blanket, and you even got to stay warm with Spidey and Batman.

Those fleece blankets are fine for superhero fans, but what about the person that loves cute and cuddly things? That’s where the Hello Kitty Snuggy Blankets with Sleeves come in. They are perfect for fans of all ages and can turn cold nights into warm snuggle nights as you purr the night away in this 71 x 48 inch Hello Kitty Red 100% polyester blanket.

With the warm sleeves and hood with kitty ears and bowtie, you might never want to take this snuggie blanket off. For those of you that prefer Hello Kitty Panda, you’re in luck too. Hot Topic also has a warm Hello Kitty Panda Blanket With Sleeves on sale and ready for cuddling. The measurements and materials are the same, so you get to choose: Panda or Kitty…or both?

Purchase your Hello Kitty Red Cozy Throw With Sleeves at Hot Topic for $28.50 and your Hello Kitty Panda Blanket With Sleeves for $21.38.

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