Digital Rolleiflex Mini Camera

Digital Rolleiflex Mini Camera

The 5-megapixel retro style Rolleiflex digital mini camera is a modern take on its 1920s namesake, developed by the German Rollei company.

A 5 Mega Pixel camera with autofocus technology, the Rollei Mini allows you to shoot from a distance of 4 inches to infinity, saving each image to a Mini SD Card. Still the undisputed choice for portraits, the camera features an up-facing 1.1-inch square display for waist level shooting, which encourages your subjects to go on looking and acting naturally instead of posing for the camera.

Digital Rolleiflex Mini Camera

Crank lever ‘film advance’; JPEG image format; 4.9mm F2.8 Lens; 1/15-1/2500s Shutter Speed; Automatic While Balance and Exposure Control; Auto power-off.

The Rolleiflex Mini Digital Camera is available over at the website for $399.

(Geeksugar via Gizmodiva)

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