Deal With This Stamp

Deal With This Stamp

If you find yourself (or your assistant) behind on a whole lot of paperwork, then it might be a pretty good idea to get the Deal With This Stamp. Sure, it’s more on the novelty side because I don’t think you’d want any of the higher ups to see how you prioritize and deal with stuff at the office. But at the same time, I think this can help relieve you from your stress (even just a little bit) while also being useful at the same time.

Just use the Deal With This Stamp to stamp on instructions on how someone’s supposed to handle a certain document. Are you making a request or giving an order? Just tick “pretty please” or “you better,” respectively. And if it’s long overdue, then just mark the box reading “for Pete’s sake.”

And when do you want to get it done? If it’s urgent, check “now.” Other options include “for me,” “quietly,” “correctly,” and my favorite: “or else.” So get stamping and get to work!

Deal With This Stamp

Deal With This Stamp

Stamping is the new way to show attitude. Since we’ve run out of ways to snap, we’re super glad to find this Stamp. The Self-Inking “Deal With This” Stamp will exemplify all your angst and reassert the power into your court. You always play nice and now it’s time to get snippy in big, bold letters. This Stamp lays it out with 6 different checkboxes for “Dealing” intensity: pretty please, you better, for pete’s sake, for me, now, quietly, correctly, or else. Stamp for your life!

The Deal With This Stamp is available from for $10.95.

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