Android Squishables Plush Toys

Now doesn’t that look just adorable, not to mention huge? The Android Squishables Plush Toy is the perfect companion for anyone who loves Android and for every kid in the world who’s still very much in the plush toy stage of life. If you thought the My First Bacon Talking Plush Toy wouldn’t leave a very good impression on your young child, then maybe you’d like to consider this instead. It won’t influence your kid as to what to eat, but it will certainly make him or her go for Android-powered smartphones in the future instead of flipping over to iOS.

The Android Squishables come in two sizes: 7 inches for kids so they won’t get flatted by this thing when they give it a hug, and 15 inches for the bigger kids and “young” adults who want something with more meat that they can hold on to.

Android Squishables Plush Toys

Android Squishables Plush Toys

  • Round and squishy plush Android just begs to be hugged
  • Available in 15″ big hugs size and 7″ tiny hugs size
  • Toss him around the house, throw him at people, hug him when you’re sad.
  • Use him as a squishy green armrest while you play Angry Birds.
  • The snuggly, cuddly, Androidly possibilities are endless.

Get to hugging the Android Squishables Plush Toys available from ThinkGeek. It’s $19.99 for the smaller version and $39.99 for the 15-inch Android toy.

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