Star Wars Red Clone Wars Red Panels T-Shirt

Star Wars Red Clone Wars Panels T-Shirt

July 26, 2011 Ryan Cooper 0

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated TV series, is a huge hit with the kids. Sure, some of us “adults” love it too, but that isn’t important for this post because this Star Wars Red Clone Wars Red Panels T-Shirt only comes in kids […]

Star Wars Schematic T-Shirts

Star Wars AT-AT, X-wing & TIE Fighter Schematic Tees

July 21, 2011 Ryan Cooper 0

Remember the TIE Advanced Starfighter Schematic T-Shirt from a few months ago? It must have been a big hit because now there are a slew of new Star Wars Schematic T-Shirts available. You can choose between the AT-AT Imperial Walker Schematic, Imperial TIE Fighter Schematic, […]

Vistaprint Coupon Codes

Vistaprint Coupon Codes & Free Business Cards

July 19, 2011 0

Current Vistaprint Coupon Codes With the right link or Vistaprint Coupon Code you can score some amazing deals like free business cards, free postcards, free t-shirts, free notepads, free shipping, 50% off, 80% off, and other deep discounts on custom color printing services. is […]

Futurama Slurm T-Shirt

Enjoy Slurm Futurama T-Shirt and Babydoll

July 18, 2011 Ryan Cooper 0

You don’t want to know how it’s made, but Slurm is a highly addictive drink. Just ask Philip J. Fry or Slurms McKenzie. Now you can wear the Slurm T-Shirt or Babydoll to show your appreciation for your favorite drink—or your love of the Futurama […]

Hello Kitty Boba Fett Star Wars Womens T-Shirt

Hello Kitty Boba Fett T-Shirt

July 17, 2011 Patra Beaulieu 1

Even Hello Kitty’s innocence is not immune to the dark side; especially when she gets to look like Boba Fett, the coolest bounty hunter Star Wars has ever produced. The Hello Kitty Boba Fett T-Shirt is perfect for the woman that loves to be cute and […]

Star Wars Classic Good Guys Babydoll shirt

Star Wars Good Guys T-Shirt & BabyDoll

July 13, 2011 James Kelly 0

Classic & retro T-shirts are a great way to look cool and they make for cheap collectibles.  The Star Wars Good Guys T-Shirt & Babydoll offer fans of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca and very cool way to honor them.  Men and women alike […]

Electronic Spy Camera Shirt

Electronic Spy Camera Shirt

July 12, 2011 James Kelly 1

I’m not sure this is something James Bond would have on, but I could see Austin Powers or Ace Venture wearing it.  The Electronic Spy Camera Shirt is a great way to catch some friends or coworkers doing things they probably shouldn’t be.  This shirts […]

Mystique Nouveau Babydoll T-Shirt

Mystique Nouveau Babydoll

June 29, 2011 James Kelly 2

With X-Men: First Class still in theaters and the summer well underway, now is a great time to get stocked up on cool summer babydoll t-shirts; and none are better than this Mystique Nouveau Babydoll. Raven Darkhölme is a character you wouldn’t want to mess […]

Father Noble Element T-Shirt

Father-The Noble Element T-Shirt

June 17, 2011 Patra Beaulieu 0

You could honor Dad by getting a “Father” tattoo on your arm. Hmm, on second thought, remember when Bart Simpson attempted to get his “Mother” tattoo and ended up with a “Moth” tattoo instead? Oww, quit it! Good thing he didn’t get a “Father” tattoo that read “Fat”. There […]

Green Lantern Movie Super Sale

Green Lantern Movie Super Sale at SuperHeroStuff

June 16, 2011 Ryan Cooper 0

Save 15% to 30% off hundreds of different Green Lantern items at during the Green Lantern Movie Super Sale. The Green Lantern movie will be available in theaters in the USA starting tomorrow, June 17, 2011. If watching the movie gets you excited for […]

Binary Angel T-Shirt

Binary Angel Ladies T-Shirt

June 13, 2011 James Kelly 0

Here is a stylish fitted ladies t-shirt that not only looks cool, but it has a hidden message in it for those of you that can read binary code.  The Binary Angel Ladies T-Shirt lets you flaunt your inner Matrix style and gives the opportunity […]

Old Navy Coupons

Old Navy Coupons & Discount Promotion Codes

June 2, 2011 0

Current Old Navy Coupons At GeekAlerts you can now browse the currently available Coupons and sales promotions for discount clothing deals. Geeks love comfortable clothing, and when it is also fashionable and inexpensive, that is just icing on the cake. So check for the […]

Flshing Star Trek White

Flashing Star Trek T-Shirts

May 25, 2011 James Kelly 1

Star Trek, Official Licensed T-Shirt, Thin Electro Luminescence Panel; do I really even need to go on!  For all you Trekkies out there, this Flashing Star Trek T-Shirt is a must have.  What better way to add some light to your day than having your […]

Tetris Skull and Crossbones T-Shirt

Tetris Skull and Crossbones T-Shirt

May 14, 2011 Ryan Cooper 1

With all the hit sci-fi TV shows, superhero movies, popular video games, and hip geek culture, there are always tons of cool new t-shirts out there. However, it has to be especially cool, clever, or innovative to make the cut and get posted here at […]

U.S. Navy Seals Clothing

U.S. Navy Seals Shirts, Hats and Hoodies

May 2, 2011 James Scott 8

Information related to Osama Bin Laden being killed is overwhelming world-wide news outlets right now. Even here on GeekAlerts, the last few entries have been related to that news, even though these posts really aren’t about gizmos, gadgets, design, or geekiness. It’s just that this […]

Tie Fighter Schematic T-Shirt

TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter Schematic T-Shirt

April 5, 2011 Ryan Cooper 0

Usually if we post about a t-shirt on GeekAlerts, it plays music (like the Electronic Synthesizer Shirt and Guitar Shirts), lights up (like the Emoticon T-Shirt and Light-Up Batman T-Shirt), or something else extraordinary. However, when a shirt has an exceptionally cool design, like this […]

Doctor Who T-Shirt Costumes

Doctor Who T-Shirt Costumes

April 4, 2011 Ryan Cooper 1

Most geeks love t-shirts, preferring comfort over style. Some even choose to wear a Tuxedo T-Shirt to black tie events. Now with these Doctor Who T-Shirt Costumes, you can make a fashion statement and still be completely comfortable. They would work great as an easy […]

Facebook Status Display T-Shirt

Facebook Status Display T-Shirt

April 1, 2011 Ryan Cooper 0

Show your Facebook status to all with this Facebook Status Display T-Shirt. Plug your iPhone or iPad into the hidden cable so you can display your current Facebook status on the advanced illuminated display embedded in the chest area of the shirt. Under the display […]