Swimsense Performance Monitor

Wrist Device for Swimmers

The Swimsense performance monitor is an intuitive device worn around the wrist while swimming. Using motion sensing technology, Swimsense automatically detects and distinguishes stroke types, records the number of laps swum, total distance, calories burned, lap time, pace and stroke count.


Flashlight with Video Camera

This highly durable aluminum LED flashlight allows you to record both audio and video. The recorded material is stored in AVI format on the built-in 4GB memory and can easily be transferred to another device via USB. Here is video clip showing the flashlight video […]


New USB Turntable from Ion

This latest USB turntable model from Ion is quite similar to the one from Veho that was released last year. Simply plug it into the nearest USB port and you are ready to start converting your old vinyls to digital files.